• Selling your home may be a stressful time.

    You have concerns about how your home should look like and be attractive enough to get a buyer.  I can assist you with preparing your home possibly with some minimal expenses. 

    Marketing your home through First Colorado Land Office is a big step forward to get your home out there through our marketing plans. 

    Our statewide MLS system is the newest technology available. In addition, homes are also advertised through Zillow, Realtor.com, and many other websites. Our office produces beautiful brochures to provide potential buyers all of the features of your home. I offer to hire a professional photographer to take appealing photos of your home. Our MLS has the capacity to capture 35 pictures of your home. 

    Sometime buyers see enough of the home to purchase a home without actually visiting it in person.  Virtual tours are also available to advertise even more.

    Mapping features are available so a buyer can see the neighborhood from above.